About Lane Krarup

A participant in the 26th Annual Funniest Person in Austin Contest in 2011, Lane Krarup upholds his reputation as a talented stand-up comedian. With a passion for humor, Krarup dedicates much of his time to performing as “Lane the Krarup” on stages in and around Texas’ capital city.

A former Kill Shot! comedy show headliner, Lane Krarup continues to hone his skills in the entertainment world. Recently, Lane Krarup performed at The Dig Pub in Cedar Park, where he joined renowned comedians Clint Nohr and Steven Farmer for the venue’s Saturday Showcase. Krarup with his unassuming appearance, often surprises even fellow comics with his ability to freestyle rap lyrics.

Actively involved in the Austin comedy scene, Lane Krarup is also associated with a number of affiliated community organizations. Through The Talent Loop, a social network for comedians, musicians, writers, and film professionals, he encourages contact and promotional opportunities for local artists. Furthermore, Lane Krarup supports legendary entertainer Dan French and his Pro Comedy Training sessions, which include online workshops and in-studio classes intended for stand-up comedians and comedic writers looking to improve their skills in the industry.

Aside from his career in comedy, Lane Krarup is a big fan of the live music scene in Austin, and can often be found enjoying shows from local bands around the city. Krarup holds an interest in acting, as well, and has appeared in several short films. Lane Krarup enjoys reading all kinds of books, though the works of Stephen King stand out as favorites. Recounting a once-in-a-lifetime experience, Krarup states that meeting Stephen King while working in Dallas, at the age of 24, was a sign to pursue his creative passions in life.


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